Chimney Sweep Fireplace Shop

Chimney Sweep Fireplace Shop - Shelburne, VT, Barre, VT & Plattsburgh, NY
The Chimney Sweep Fireplace Shop came to us with a somewhat common dilemma. They needed a new website, but they couldn’t get a hold of their old web developer. To add to the trouble, the MIA web developer was also the owner of their domain name.

The new website design and implementation called for a two pronged approach. First we would create a whole new responsive website with WordPress using a different domain name. We researched the available domain names and purchased three that were much more relevant to the products they sell. Despite have the term Chimney Sweep in their name, they didn’t have anything to do with cleaning chimneys. They even had content on their website explaining this. We finally decided on since their stove sales and website traffic were higher than their fireplace sales and traffic.

Cimney Sweep Fireplace Shop Responsive Website Design

The second part of the project was coaxing the old web developer into transferring the domain name the new registrar account I created for the other domains. Talking with a fellow web developer can sometimes be more convincing than talking with a former client when it comes to seeing the logic and benefits of professional courtesy. If this part of the plan failed, we still had the new (and better domain), though we would have had to start over with all of the SEO gains that had been made with

After months of on and off communication, the old domain was transferred, and the new website that had been up and running for 4 months was transferred to the old domain with all of the necessary SEO steps in place to ensure a smooth transition.

We also managed The Chimney Sweep Shop’s social media. We set up Google+ business pages for each of the three locations, accounts for Twitter and Instagram and helped redesign their existing Facebook page. The combined approach nearly doubled their reach beyond just the website, and resulted in positive feedback and interaction with the public.