Our Network

Our network knows no bounds, but we do have a core group who take care of website development and website design. Between us, we can accomplish nearly any marketing task set before us. If you have a new product and need a new section for your existing website, an instructional video and printed instructions to go along with it, we can do that and then help you promote your product online and off. We’ll work with you to help you discover your product’s potential market share, measure the success of our mutual efforts and recommend changes or additions to your campaign.

The Players

Steve McIntyre

Owner – I am an experienced web developer with over a decade of work in my rear-view mirror. I began designing for the web after I purchased his first MAC back in 1997 under the name Salt River Graphics. After the turn of the century, I started designing database driven websites. I used this experience when designing HungryBurlington.com in 2004 and again in 2005 with HungryVT.com. In recent years, the availability of Content Management Systems (CMSs) has made creating complex websites in a relatively short time frame a possibility where it would have taken several times longer just a few years ago. Formally trained in graphic design, I started working in the print industry in 1995. When I saw the chance to expand my creative and technical horizons by creating websites, I took the path that I am still on today, leaving the paper trail behind me.

Launie Kettler

Launie is a food and business writer, and while that may seem like a strange hybrid, it’s really not. She’s been featured on Salon, the L.A. Times food section, CNN’s Eatocracy page, Food Revolution Day, Greener Ideal, and Punk Domestics. She’s also the writer/photographer for the Malinastique Kitchen Accessory Company, and her first book, The Everything Mediterranean Slow Cooker Cookbook, is going to be published in the summer of 2014. She’s also a writer for Movoto and the Champlain Business Journal.

Alec Julien

Alec Julien is a graphic designer, typographer, developer, and author. He started his career as an IT generalist and computer programmer, and veered into the design side of the field, working in Vermont for the Vermont Cancer Center and Marketing Partners, and then full-time for his own firm, Haiku Monkey Media. He designs for both print and web, and does web development with content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla. In 2012, he published a book for Rotovision Books about font design.

Nicole Twohig

Nicole has been working in marketing and communications for more than 15 years. Before beginning her own consulting company in 2013, she worked as an account executive and research manager at a local marketing agency with a variety of responsibilities including client relations, social media, marketing and communications strategies, business development, primary research and website content development. She worked with diverse clients such as the State of Vermont, Hoff Curtis Attorneys-at-Law, Cx Associates, South Burlington Stormwater Services, and Milton Community Youth Coalition.