Pandemic Work

It’s been a while since I’ve written, and it would seem I have the time these days. In reality, my life has been made more busy because of homeschooling my junior executive, Bill. Still, there is more time to do things that needed to be scheduled before. It’s more a matter of time management than anything. Knowing nearly everybody is in the same boat makes this situation a bit harder to wrap my head around. I’m used to my world, which is almost by nature, socially distanced. Having the rest of my world be subjected to the same thing is weird and demoralizing, plus a few other adjectives that will make themselves apparent eventually.

And then there’s my proclivity to serve. Making websites for free to help a cause. Money isn’t moving around much, so my work has dried up. It makes sense. If I were a typical small business, I wouldn’t be investing any money in my website right now either. I would be in survival mode.

That’s where I am. Survival mode. But because my overhead is so low, I can continue to work. Sometimes for free. If you need a critical fix to your website, and it’s WordPress or Squarespace, I can help, for free.

These times are daunting enough as it is. If you have a problem that can easily be fixed by somebody who does this for a living, I’m here. I’m willing. I’m free.

Let me know if I can help quickly and easily. If it's more involved than I can provide for free, I'll let you know.

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