Adding Your Facebook Page to Your Website

Face it. You don’t like having to do the same thing multiple times, at least when it comes to updating the information your putting out about your company or organization. If you have a short bit of news you’d like to share with the audience on your Facebook Page, you don’t want to have to manually repeat the message to your website audience. With a simple Facebook App, you can display your status updates seamlessly and automatically on your website.

Creating the Facebook App is a pretty straight forward process, though it is fairly technical. All of the information you’ll need is on the Facebook developers website but they don’t do a very good job of simplifying the process. There are also a few good tutorials on the subject that cover most of the aspects of creating the app you need to display your Facebook Page status updates on your website. I never found any that covered all of the aspects that you would need to create a Facebook AND display the the feed on your website in a truly seamless way that mimics the style of your website.

Creating the Facebook App is only part of the process. Once you get the data from your Facebook Page, you will need to apply the styles used on your website, unless your website is styled almost exactly like Facebook. With a little bit of PHP an CSS, you can change the style of the text, choose whether or not to show the images and meta information (date, time, author, etc) associated with your posts.

I created a basic tutorial in Google Docs to illustrate how I did this for one client of mine. With this tutorial, you can extrapolate the info and adjust it to reflect the style of your website. Or you could just hire me to do it for you.