Getting Stuck on WordPress

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” You know the phrase and you know what it means. If something is working, why change? Progress. That’s why. It’s why we try new things to push the envelope. If your website needs to change, you might need to change your CMS (Content Management System) as well. The most common need for change is ease of control. If you need to be able to update your website on your own and you’re not currently able to do easily, something has to change. The next most common need for change is size. Your website has grown too large and/or complex to manage in it’s current form.

WordPress is the most commonly used CMS, but it isn’t always the correct one to use. WordPress was first designed for blogging, which is a separate kind of website and another topic all together. While WordPress has made great strides in recent years to allow website developers to create business oriented websites, many of the controls remain geared towards a blogging community.

Websites that have a large amount of content would be better served with a CMS like Joomla. The Article Manager interface alone makes Joomla a better CMS for managing categorized articles in an efficient way. The number of free and inexpensive extensions (3rd party functionality) makes Joomla an excellent option for a growing business that needs scalable options.

Some websites are so simple, they don’t need a CMS, and they don’t need to be updated. Maybe you just need a landing page. A well designed HTML page that tracks the calls to action can be a powerful tool for an existing website.

If you’re wondering about a different website, or a different kind of website, let me know if I can help.