Find your stream

Every business belongs to an industry and many can be categorized under a few different ones. Even if your business is very unique, others are doing something related to what your doing, and therefore share an industry with you. Do you already know which industries your business can be categorized under? Sometimes a conversation can show you a perspective of your company that makes you see it in a different light, and industry, than you would have seen on your own. People and companies don’t exist or rely on only one industry, so they can be seen as swimming in several different streams for the information they need. A Facebook group that focuses on local music and a Twitter hashtag that identifies a city seem obviously related and separate enough to be individual streams. A discussion on Reddit about local government and a Google+ community dedicated to nearby swimming holes seem less related, though they are potentially even more so than the first example. You know your business better than anybody, but you don’t see you business like anybody either. That’s where a little help can go a long way. It’s almost never to late to start identifying all the possible streams that can lead potential customers to your company.