Target Your Audience

Typical cliche marketing headline, right? A play on words with an obvious message that seems like it doesn’t need to be said. Except it does. Repeatedly.

Your target audience is a moving target. Some move faster than others, and some seem to move at a glacial pace, if at all. Once you’ve identified your targets and used effective marketing to reach them and convert a few into sales, you may be tempted to set the whole marketing campaign on repeat. Resist that urge. Ask yourself and your marketing team what you learned from this campaign about your audience. Was it what you expected? Are you missing information? Did the marketing plan work as expected? Did the information you learned pose new questions?

Depending on the size of your audience and the duration and saturation of your campaign, one repeat might be a good idea to eliminate anomalies. Changing one aspect of your marketing strategy, like trying it in a different location, would more likely do the same thing and it would give you more data to help inform your future strategies.

Music, fashion, technology and entertainment move as fast any business sector. They try to anticipate their audience’s next move. Most industries would be doing well to closely follow their audience. When a company becomes set in the ways that it presents itself to its audience “Because that’s the way we’ve always done it”, you’re doing it wrong.

Your audience may be mobile, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build around them. If you can create of community of advocates for your brand, you’ll be in the driver’s seat as you run over your competition. There are several ways to start building a community around your business, but I’ll save the details for when we meet to discuss your plans and goals.